None of the examples shown on this page should be construed as a solicitation for equity capital.  Any solicitation of capital by FSCP shall be in strict compliance with <the safe harbor provisions of the Security and Exchange Act of 1933>.

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Falcon Southwest Capital Partners ("FSCP") identifies real estate and related equity investment opportunities and makes these investments available to the firm's individual and institutional investment partners.  FSCP focuses on three main investment strategies:

  • Stable Cash Flow Syndications - FSCP identifies smaller cash-flow oriented investments (up to $3M in total equity) suitable for a syndication of individual investors.   These investments are primarily focused on long-term stable cash flow.  Investments of this kind include acquisition of existing stabilized properties and build-to-suit opportunities.

  • High Yield Investments - Many worthwhile investments do not produce stable cash flows but offer investors significant profit potential through disposition after achievement of a defined business plan.  Examples include ground-up development, significant rehabilitation and acquisition of distressed debt.  These investments may be smaller and suitable for a syndication of individual investors.  In instances where the equity requirements exceed the amount that can be reasonably syndicated from individuals, FSCP will bring in institutional partners to provide the majority of the capital but in many cases individual investors may have the opportunity to invest alongside FSCP in these transactions.

  • Real Estate-Related Operating Businesses - FSCP provides equity capital for sponsors looking to acquire or build operating companies that have a heavy real estate component.  Examples include car wash facilities, RV parks and specialized storage facilities (car condos, RV and boat storage, etc.).  The goal of these investments is to generate a higher rate of return than would typically be possible with a pure real estate transaction.